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My paternal grandmother was Kathryn, gone way before I was born. My maternal grandmother was Helen, a roller derby queen and a great maker of pies.  Her daughter, my mother, a pianist/organist and dedicated Scrabble player was Helene.  My name, "Kathelene", is a clever combination of all three women's names. I go by the shortened Kathe - pronounced Kathē.  I used ride a bike for every reason and am not very good on rollerskates. I play the violin, I love to bake and am not very fond of Scrabble. 


What I really enjoy, in addition to baking, and playing chamber music is being in my hair studio, helping people feel good about themselves and how they look. I like connecting the people I know and care for to other people for whatever beneficial reasons. After more than 30 years of growing my hair care expertise and my business I can truly say I love working and living on the upper west side of New York City.

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